Ask VC

Non-profit intiative promoting enterpreneurship in Emerging countries


Ask VC is a non-profit initiative promoting enterpreneurship in Emerging countries. We leveraging our VC experience to help startups with a wide range of issues.  We also hold webinars, workshops and feedback sessions for startups and students, and partner with local acceleration programs.

Ask VC was founded in 2019 by Denis Kalyshkin. Denis a principal at I2BF Global Ventures, a New York venture capital firm. He has 6+ year experience investing globally in boring and unsexy industries like Manufacturing, Construction, or Utility disrupted by Frontier Tech such as Vertical SaaS, AI, AR, VR, IoT, Robotics & Automation, and other B2B solutions. Over his career, Denis screened startups in the US, EU, and Asia. 

Prior to joining I2BF, Denis held various positions in sales and analytics, and co-founded a startup in the marketing tech sector. He holds a Master dergee in Space Engineering from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and a Corporate Finance degree from Higher School of Economics.




Upcoming events



How to build a big company if your local market is small

Online panel discussion with experts from Israel, Chile, Baltics, Africa, and Singapore. We will cover the problems and best practices which startups  employ, as well as market specifics and barriers to entry.  You can register here.


Startup diagnostics & stress testing, fundraising support, pitch preparation & mentoring.


Startup event juries, panel discussions, mentorship, feedback for startups.


Trainings & webinars on startup analysis, VC process, term sheet, fundraising, idea testing, etc.



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